Benton Jackson


"Goat Rider" is a name I have used for a very long time as a screen name in computer games. It's so old, I've used it as my CB handle. I have no idea what it means. It certainly has nothing to do with the Masonic term "riding the goat"! Perhaps it means "code writer", which is what I do for a living at Blue Earth Interactive.

Ben's pages:

Links    What I find interesting on the web.
Corki    Our puppy.
Fake Bonsai    A new artform I've started.
Legos    My Lego® Mindstorms® projects.
BWCA 2000    Pictures from our August 2000 BWCA trip.
Snowboarding    Pictures of me snowboarding and a few links
MN Weather    More weather links.
My Warhammer army    Careful-- Lots of big pictures to show detail.

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