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Corki's agility training has gone very well. I have to make sure if I make a handling mistake in training, I don't try to "correct" it right away, because then Corki thinks she messed up and gets upset. The best motivator for her is a frisbee. She'll do anything to get me to throw a frisbee! She's definitely "grown up" in the last few months.
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If you want higher res copies of any of these pictures, email me. My camera takes 1600x1200 pictures, so I crop and scale them to be nice to people with slow connections.

News Flash!

Corki and I entered our first Agility trial on the weekend of 2003/06/27. We ran 5 courses- 2 regular, tunnellers, weavers, and jumpers. She qualified on both her regular runs, with a first and second place! Corki earned 15 points towards her NAC title, "Novice Agility Certificate", which is 30 points.

These pictures were taken by Amy Johnson of Great Dane Photos. If you'd like to order copies for yourself, go here.

Doesn't she look like she can fly in this picture? 2003/6/28 Coming over the top of the "Ramp". She almost got a "fly-off" on this, but I think the judge was generous. 2003/6/28
On the teeter. 2003/6/28 She looks kind of mean here, but she's just focused. 2003/6/28

This is at our Clicker-Trick class. Here she's learning the "Curtsie" command. 2002/4/20 Corki is definitely a "water" dog! It's only May, and she needs to cool off. 2002/5/10
Practicing weave poles at home. Movie 2002/6/13 Practicing jumps at home. 2002/6/14
It's kind of hard to throw a frisbee and take a picture, so this is the best I've got until I get someone who's good with a camera to help me out. 2002/6/26

Time for a refreshing swim. 2001/09/21 Corki keeping a close watch on the chipmunks. 2001/09/20
Corki romping around in a meadow. That's Gunflint Lake in the background. This view and this meadow didn't exist before the blowdown and controlled burn. 2001/09/20 Corki running in the north woods by Gunflint Lodge. It's amazing that she doesn't trip over this tongue! See a video 2001/09/20
This is dog that knows how to relax! 2001/09/17 A classic pose. 2001/09/17

Puppy play time with 7 other dogs was way too frenzied to take good pictures. I got a lot of blurry pictures, so I made this montage. I think you'll get the idea. 05/15/2001 Corki gives herself a bath if we put water in the tub. Watch this video. 05/23/2001

Corki loves the water, and she loves fetching Frisbees. Here she goes! 05/04/2001 Tug-of-War with "Froggie" and "Sadie". 04/06/2001
And she has to shake off when done. 05/04/2001 She also likes playing with my hand-weights. Can she lift the 8 pounder? 05/02/2001
Wet Happy Dog! 05/04/2001 Yes! It's a clean lift! 05/02/2001

The following pictures are of Corki's first week with us. They were taken by my mom, using "film". This is a complicated process where an emulsion of silver nitrate is painted on a plastic film, and takes the place of the CCD in the camera. After it is exposed optically, it is sent to a lab. There, it is processed with a series of chemicals to make a "negative" image on the plastic film. Next, the image is projected optically onto a piece of paper coated with a similar emulsion, and then processed with a similar series of chemicals. The image stays on the plastic film if further copies are desired. The paper image can then be placed in a scanner to get the normal digital form, which is how you are seeing them now.

I guess puppies already know how to scratch themselves. Note the stain on the rug- they don't necessarily know where to do their "business". Puppies are always cuddly, but Corki was extra cuddly.
Corki was quite an escape artist. She managed to get over this blockade within a minute. This is Deb showing Corki an acceptible place to do her "business".

Corki loves having other puppies visit. Freya is a 4 year old Viszla that stayed for two weeks, and they had a lot of fun together. Very photogenic!

Corki and Freya playing "tug". That is, Freya tugs Corki.
Video 1   Video 2
Deb talking to Freya. 03/19/2001
They wrestled a lot. 3/19/2001 Freya teaching Corki what the sunbeam is for. 03/18/2001
Deb getting a fix of Puppy Loving. 03/18/2001 Corki and Freya posing nicely for a picture. 03/18/2001
Lucy came to visit Freya and Corki. 03/16/2001 Here's another puppy school wrestling video 01/08/2001

This is what we got Corki with the PetSmart gift certificate from Dan. 12/30/2000 Joey doesn't seem to want to share this tennis ball. 12/30/2000
Girl talk. 12/30/2000 A quite moment in an afternoon of wrestling.12/30/2000

Benton, Lucas, and Corki resting up from the festivities. 12/25 Practicing for present opening. video 12/25
Uncle Chuck and cousin Lucas with Corki 12/25
Corki likes jumping in the tub. It would be even more fun with water! 12/23 This is warm, and it smells like Ben! 12/19
This is something Newfies do. Too lazy to get up and drink. 12/18 Let me in, I'm getting covered in snow here! 12/18
Another picture with Deb. 12/14 Here's another video for you wrestling fans. This time, Chloe is dominating.

This is at puppy school, where Corki is learning all the important things about being a dog, such as sniffing. 12/11 Learning how to play nice with smaller puppies. 12/11
And how to play rough with puppies your own size. 12/11 Takedown! Download a video of the action.
This is Wendy, the trainer at PETsMART. 12/04 Working on a caption here. How about:

1. p-c3 p-d6
2. p-b4 q-a4 mate! Bad dog!

- She's smart, but not that smart!

With Deb. 12/08
I think we have a bone-less dog here. 12/08
Corki is getting very good at "sit". 12/04 Fetching a frisbee. I will have a frisbee dog! 12/05

Corki's here! We are so glad to have a puppy now.
It's amazing how well puppies respond to "come, Corki!". 11/20/00 Isn't she just the cutest? 11/22/00
Corki seems to like here "den". This should make kennel training easy. 11/22/00 Plays well with others. 11/22/00

These are pictures of our visit with Corki before we picked her up.
001104-Siblings.jpg (45045 bytes) The brothers and sisters. 11/4/00 001104-Rocky.jpg (44924 bytes) This is the birth mother, "Rocky", a Labrador Retriever.11/4/00
001104-Peeking.jpg (29676 bytes) Peeking out of the nest box 11/4/00 This is the birth father, "Baron", a Newfoundland. Picture courtesy Nick Roseth


date days weight
11/21/00 65 12.5
12/4/00 78 15.2
12/11/00 85 17.1
12/18/00 92 20.5
12/20/00 94 21.7
1/8/01 113 27.1
1/15/01 120 28.8
1/17/01 122 30.5
1/22/01 127 32.1
2/14/01 150 39.1
3/22/01 186 45.0
4/24/01 219 49.7
5/1/01 226 50.8
5/15/01 240 51.5
5/22/01 247 52.8
6/4/01 260 56
Final 62.5


updated: 7/14/2003