Ben's Links



Crystal Weather From Weather Underground
Hennepin County Zone Area Forecast From National Weather Service
Current MSP Radar From Weather Underground


World of WarcraftWoW community site.
SOKSterling Order of Knights, my WoW guild.
Quarter to ThreeIntermittent game blog.
SubSim Mostly submarine games, but includes some navy games.
LugNetOnline Lego® community
Kerbal Space Program

Weblogs, shopping, news, and references

WebDocsThe official documentation defining the web
Bruce Shneier on Security


Blue Earth InteractiveI work here
PHP ManualPHP is the programming language I use at work now.
MySQL ManualThe database I use at work.
Coding HorrorJeff Attwood's blog on programming and human factors
Joel on SoftwareJoel Spolsky's programming blog


These websites are representative of my diverse hobbies.
AVweb A weekly aviation news online magazine.
Yankee Flying ClubFlying club at Crystal Airport that Deb and I belong to
Aircraft ClubsClub scheduler for Yankee.
EZone Magazine A monthly online magazine about electric-powered R/C aircraft.
AOPAAircraft Owners and Pilots Association
EAAExperimental Aircraft Association
IACInternational Aerobatic Club
CloudDancersMinnesota Cloud Dancers, local IAC chapter.
MARCEE MN Area R/C Electric Enthusiasts. Electric powered R/C aircraft club.
MRCHAMinnesota RC Helicopter Association
MRCSS MN R/C Soaring Society. They've got some nice slope soaring sites.
Nick Carter's Taig Lathe web page. Amateur machining.
Canoeing in the BWCA and other MN lakes.
George W. Hart This guy make polyhedra sculptures. I do to, but not nearly as nice.
Equipped to SurviveSite discussing survival (not survivalist) gear.
Piano World ForumsFor help with piano shopping, maintenance, and playing.
About-GeologyA Geology blog
Evil Mad ScientistBlog about making things and taking them apart.
Minnesota Bonsai SocietyI used to belong to this, until all my trees died.


Apathetic AgnosticUniversal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic
MNZenCenterMinnesota Zen Meditation Center
UUAUnitarian Universalist Association

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